About Us

Established in 2009 and Growing


We are a Messianic congregation that seeks the presence and leading of the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit). We are more than a congregation, we are Mishpacha (family). We worship, pray and study together, hold one another up in times of need and celebrate together in times of blessing.  In this family, there is always room for more!  

What We Believe


We are followers of Yeshua (Jesus) and welcome the entire body of Mashiach (Messiah). We worship Adonai (the Lord) at His appointed times, celebrating His Shabbat (the Sabbath) and the feasts and festivals that He has established.  We strive to live in obedience to Torah (Instruction) and make it an integral part of our lives.

You are Welcome Here


At Light of the Menorah, all are welcome.  Services are held in English, Russian and can be translated into Spanish.  Here we are all one in Messiah and look forward to the time that every tongue, tribe and nation will sing His praises together.

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